Great First Eight ’24 – ’25 Adoption Inquiry

We are inviting inquiries regarding adoption of Great First Eight Kindergarten in ’24 – ’25, Great First Eight First Grade, PreK–3 and PreK-4 (if applicable) in ’25 – ’26, and Great First Eight Second Grade in ’26 – ’27. To support successful implementation, Great First Eight will provide adopters:

Free unit and lesson plans for the entire day and school year, assessment tools, some materials for the classroom, and many of the materials for children to engage with during lessons. All materials are carefully aligned to research and standards and designed to be highly engaging for children.

An efficient, user-friendly platform to purchase books and other materials needed for Great First Eight implementation, bundled and delivered together for your convenience.

A detailed list of the technology requirements for Great First Eight implementation, with opportunities for your technology lead to communicate directly with the Great First Eight team as needed.

Extensive, free professional learning resources, including high quality modules written by Dr. Nell K. Duke, Dr. Marisha Humphries, Dr. Claire Vallotton, and other nationally renowned experts, with facilitator guides for each module so that a coach, lead teacher, or other member of the school or center community can lead the professional learning internally. It’s the best of both worlds: high-quality, research-aligned professional learning materials used in a job-embedded, ongoing manner.

Opportunities to engage with Dr. Nell K. Duke, Dr. Marisha Humphries, Dr. Claire Vallotton, and other members of the Great First Eight team regarding Great First Eight implementation: monthly meetings for administrators, monthly meetings for school leaders, and every-other month meetings for teachers.

After reviewing the Necessary Conditions for Adopting the Great First Eight Curriculum and the Kindergarten Touring Guide, if your district or network meets the conditions, we invite you to submit a Great First Eight ’24 – ’25 Adoption Inquiry.  We will respond as soon as possible to all inquiries.

Please provide basic information about the school(s) in which you plan to adopt GF8 in Kindergarten in ’24-’25, including: total number of kindergarten classrooms, approximate number of kindergarten students in ‘24-’25, current race and ethnicity breakdown, percentage of multilingual learners, and any other information you can share.
Who is the one person who will serve as the primary contact person through the inquiry and adoption process?
I have carefully reviewed the Great First Eight Kindergarten Touring Guide and the Necessary Conditions for Adopting the Great First Eight Curriculum(Required)
We meet the following necessary conditions (please check all that apply)