A groundbreaking, full-day, open educational resource (OER) curriculum for children birth through eight


“More than any other time in my teaching career, this curriculum has allowed me to be the kind of teacher I want to be for my students, as well as their families.”
– a veteran teacher piloting Great First Eight

As a teacher of young children, you have a tremendous opportunity to influence children’s development and learning. Great First Eight provides you with a cohesive full-day curriculum that will help you to maximize that precious opportunity and make a life-changing difference for children. With Great First Eight, you’ll no longer be forced to juggle and coordinate multiple curricula, and Great First Eight provides professional learning that is highly relevant to the day-to-day implementation of the curriculum. We also make room for lots of teacher voice and choice, so you can build on your strengths and interests and be responsive to the children in front of you. 

Why Great First Eight?

Great First Eight was designed by an extraordinary and diverse group of leading researchers, exceptional educators, and renowned experts in accordance with these fifteen principles:

We have developed a curriculum like no other to enable you to achieve far greater impact!